Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yummy cupcakes.

Check out this contest. It will leave you in sugar shock (that is a good thing.)

Here is a squeaky clean sweep you can feel good about!

Here is a squeaky clean sweep you can feel good about!

Lots of eco-friendly items to choose from on the promoted web site. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hamadi giveaway

I am hooked on fancy hair and body products. What can I say. Check this out and enjoy:

Tom's of Maine Rocks...

and now you can get a gift pack from here:

I use their toothpaste and natural deodorant. It works great and is better for the world :-))

Hip-T covers rears all over the world

Here is an idea I hadn't heard of before... a special item of clothing to cover the gap between t-shirt and jeans. Just say no to plumber's butt! What a great idea. And they're giving it away!

Awesome Giveaway of Unique Chocolates

My first entry: ending tomorrow (January 26), a wonderful collection of unique chocolate confections from red thread confections.


Welcome to SweepSurfer

I will be blogging about sweepstakes opportunities here as well as promoting web site sponsors of sweepstakes. Enjoy!